What is web hosting?

Web hosting refers to a company that has computers that are continuously connected to the internet. These computers are called "servers" and can be found by other computers connected to the internet. It is on these servers that all your web files are stored.

When you type a web address into the address bar of your browser, a request to 'get' that web page is sent out. The request travels across the internet to the appropriate web server and locates the web page on that server. That web page will then load into your browser.

And how much will it cost?

Web hosting servers that store web pages cost money to set up, configure and maintain. At iconic we use and recommend Jumba as web hosts. They are a Canberra-based company with an excellent record of customer service. To have your website hosted by Jumba and managed by iconic costs just $10 a month.

We administer your website continually, and do minor updates for free whenever required. If you change your contact details, for example, or have updated photographs, we will ensure your website stays fresh and relevant.

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